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All beings, whether they are living or dead, deserve a home with some one to care for them. 

In "A House for Homeless Haunts" you play as a lonely forest witch who guides spirits lost in the woods to shelter. With the aid of your magic beans, make your way through dangerous obstacles in search of wandering ghosts and lead them back to safety. After all, what better defines home than the feeling of knowing you're looked after and surrounded by those who love you. 


- A and D: Move left and right, respectively 
- Space Bar: Jump
- Mouse: Aim magic beans
- Left mouse button: Shoot a magic bean (Press left mouse button again to grow a magic platform where the magic bean is) 

Have fun!


Bernardo H. Lopes

Raphael A. Ramos

Matheus L. Homsi

Marina S. Telles

Luana S. Matos

João V. Galindo

Special Thanks:

Leonardo Kaplan


A House For Homeless Haunts.zip 32 MB

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